Deloitte signs Colenso CD

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Deloitte Digital Creative NZ has signed internationally awarded creative director Thom Darlow, from Colenso BBDO (where he was a CD). He’s also worked previously for R/GA New York and TBWA\ Auckland.

His work has been honoured by WARC, and nominated for an Emmy.

Outside of ads, he is a musician and has toured globally with various bands, and has a feature film in development with the NZ Film Commission.

Auckland-based Deloitte Digital Creative MD Ahmad Salim said: “Thom is one of the most talented and curious people I’ve ever worked with. He has an awesome energy about him and his passion for big disruptive ideas makes him perfect for what we’re building here.”

“I couldn’t be more honoured to be snared, trapped, caught, sprung, or wheedled by Deloitte.”

Darlow said: “I couldn’t be more honoured to be snared, trapped, caught, sprung, or wheedled by Deloitte. The opportunity here to use creativity to solve real problems that affect NZ and the world is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

“From climate change to child poverty, this is the boiler room from which we can affect real change, and have fun doing it.”

Closely aligned with AU?
Deloitte Digital Creative NZ has kept a low profile in NZ, where it strives to give the appearance of having a very large team – judging by the website and the team’s NZ email addresses.

Here’s a quote from that website: “You won’t find any central phone number, or generic email box on here. You can see all our people here by their field of expertise.”

The company has offices in Australia, and NZ appears to be very closely aligned with this AUNZ network.

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