dentsu delivers digital platform for mental health teaching in schools

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: dentsu Aotearoa and the Sir John Kirwan Foundation have launched Mitey – an innovative approach that enables primary and intermediate schools to deliver effective mental health education as part of everyday teaching.

Dentsu’s digital experience team developed the name, branding and digital platform for Mitey working closely with the foundation team and Auckland University’s faculty of education & social work.

dentsu MD Murray Streets said: “We began working with the foundation in 2020 just as we came through the first lockdown.

“After the disruptions of last year, we’re delighted to see Mitey continuing to create impact in schools and with children. We’re highly motivated by the opportunity to help Aotearoa take another step to tackle its poor record on mental health and suicide.”

“We’re highly motivated to help Aotearoa take another step to tackle its poor record on mental health and suicide.”

“Mitey has already had a positive impact with 12,000 tamariki and is committed to equipping the next generation of rangatahi with the knowledge and tools to manage adversity and build resilience.”

The Kirwan Foundaion Foundation’s head of growth Nikki Flexman said: “Our statistics tell us we can no longer afford to wait until our young show signs of anxiety and depression.

“Trusted partners like dentsu have enabled Mitey to lead the change Aotearoa needs by enabling schools to deliver effective mental health education.

Mitey is delivered free to schools because we are supported by businesses who come together to collectively contribute to create transformational change.

“We are encouraging all business to join us to invest in the future of mental health in this country.”


Client: Sir John Kirwan
Head of Growth: Nikki Flexman
Programme Lead: Amelie Burty
Agency: dentsu Aotearoa
Head of Design: Armic Esfahani
Head of Delivery: Matt van Tiel
Delivery Manager: Asif Jafferali
Creative Director: Rob Longuet
Lead Designer: Karl Soot
Former Managing Director, Digital Experience: Gavin Becker
Former ECD: Bex Radford

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