Designstein sells Niue with vlogger-style vacation video

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After winning a tender for the Niue Tourism account last year, Auckland indie creative agency Designstein has released a teaser campaign that aims to use a less-polished and more immersive style of promoting the beautiful island.

The campaign includes a three-minute web film released on YouTube and Facebook, as well as 30 and 15 second cutdown ads to be rolled out with sponsored posts on Facebook, Youtube pre-roll and Instagram.

The ads are shot with a GoPro to show the real perspective of a tourist, and conceptually reminiscent of the many vlogger vacation videos that are becoming increasingly popular on Youtube.

The campaign features Auckland electrician Mano gallivanting around the island, exploring and experiencing as many things as he could in the week he was there. The campaign was shot, edited and launched in the space of two weeks.

“With such great weather in New Zealand at the moment it was a strategic move to create brand content quickly, to keep the Niue brand in people’s minds in the shoulder period, alongside tactical campaigns and before a major campaign mid-year,” said Creative Director Raymond McKay.

“Not having the budget of the top five islands – Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Raro and Tahiti – creating diverse content very quickly has been the nature of the work to date, along with a myriad of design briefs for Niue Tourism, a behind-the-scenes project with National Geographic photographer Jonathon Irish and other smaller projects for operators on the island.

“Strategy is a huge project we are currently focusing on and with such a unique tourist destination it will be exciting to launch Niue’s first brand campaign, so we can promote this little gem in the Pacific,” McKay said.


Client: Niue Tourism
Agency: Designstein
Creative Director: Raymond McKay
Art Director: Laura Cibilich
Cameraman: Mano McKay

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