Maria Devereux names her global top 5

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AUCKLAND, Today: Best Ads on TV recruited Accenture Song North America’s ECD Maria Devereux (formerly ECD at Colenso BBDO) as guest judge of this week’s global Top 5.


Devereux’s choices …

  • BEST TV: TNT Philippines Tattoo ( Devereux wrote: “This film reminded me how good it feels to laugh. A simple idea that touched on a relatable pain point for anyone who hates the complexity of life admin, which as far as I can tell, is pretty much everyone. Runner-up: Woodie’s Ireland Larry ( “I liked the DIY insight here. I once had a neighbour with a ‘Larry’ and every person in the street borrowed it at some point in time. It clearly got more use than its owner ever anticipated so I can see the real need to buy a quality product.”
  • BEST PRINT: Guinness Charles, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait ( This print ad has been waiting a long time to be made and I’m glad it was. Thank you for the reminder of the visual power of reductive simplicity and the beauty of elegant print advertising.
  • BEST INTERACTIVE: Colenso BBDO NZ’s Kopu O Te Rangi Pakari Mai
  • BEST OUTDOOR: Kit Kat Have a ( “Simple always wins. There aren’t too many brands that could pull this off but I still appreciate the bravery of this work and the reminder of the power of a legacy brand. Runner-up: Subway The Royal Sub ( “Being able to try a new subway sandwich in a submarine restaurant seems like just the amount of bonkers to attract an unfair amount of attention on Kings Day.”
  • BEST INTERACTIVE: Colenso BBDO NZ’s Kopu O Te Rangi Pakari Mai ( “With an undersupply of indigenous news, this is a powerful digital tool to help correct the oversupply of royal news. I love the simplicity and the positive cultural impact this idea has had since it was mentioned in The Guardian.” Runner-up: Waoo Love Squad ( Hiring a hitman to get your partner out of the gaming world and into the real world is the perfect creative solution to an age old problem. I love this.”
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