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AUCKLAND, Today: A month after Phantom Billstickers’ first digital screens were switched on, the data shows thousands of walkers pass them daily.

Phantom partnered with digital analytics company Quividi when installing its new Locky Dock screens – now live at 10 Locky Dock sites around Christchurch, providing an opportunity for marketers to serve up some ads while e-bike riders recharge their steeds for free. 

Phantom marketing manager Ben Stonyer says the Phantom/Locky Dock/Quividi combination is a winning one for advertisers

“Thanks to some innovative technology, these new-generation street posters can tell you a lot about the audiences that walked past and peered into them,” he says.

“Launch advertisers included businesses from the education, FMCG, quick-service restaurant and sports sectors, as well as a range of local companies. And thanks to Phantom’s data analytics, these businesses now know quite a lot about the people who viewed their ads.”

“Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua will also receive free e-bike charging stations – including Phantom digital OOH installations – in the coming months.”

  • Over 580,000 people walked past the 10 Christchurch Locky Dock sites in the first month.
  • The audience skewed slightly male and had a youthful tinge, with a demographic split of 32% young adult females, 31% young adult males, and the rest being seniors or children.
  • On average, people spent five seconds in front of the poster sites.

“So how do Phantom know all this?

“Without giving away any trade secrets, the screens contain technology that captures generic audience information.”

“No image is recorded and all data is strictly anonymized to protect privacy. The viewership figures are aggregated and reports are supplied to clients, giving them priceless feedback on street-level engagement with their poster campaigns.

“Now that the Locky Dock concept has shown its worth in Christchurch, centres such as Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua are set to receive their own free e-bike charging stations – including Phantom digital OOH installations – in the coming months.

Stonyer: “We’ve always known that street posters get noticed, and we’ve got the sales figures and a shed-load of anecdotal evidence to back that up.

“But now we can show actual viewer numbers and interactions, so clients can see how their campaign creative has performed.

“Data and posters – now they’re together at last!”

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