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AUCKLAND, Today: The Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day fundraiser may have passed with Auckland street collections cancelled or scaled-back versions, but that doesn’t mean the need for funds has ceased.

With Cancer Society facing a predicted 30% loss in donations compared to 2019, ANZ has pledged to match public donations made through its TBWA-designed Digital Daffodil up to the value of $500,000.

It’s hoped the pledge will encourage people to keep giving at a much-needed time for the Cancer Society and at the same time give people the opportunity to further engage with the innovative Smart Daffodil, successfully launched by TBWA as a standalone pin last year. 

The Cancer Society daffodil has always been a symbol of their yearly fundraising drive, for 2020 TBWA and ANZ expanded the concept so Kiwis can donate wherever they see the ANZ Digital Daffodil.

The Daffodils with their scannable QR codes have been blooming all over the country to help raise funds for Cancer Society and remain live in digital channels as a way to drive further donations. 

“A beautiful and emotional campaign.”

TBWA\NZ Chief Creative Officer Shane Bradnick says he’s proud of the work produced and has high hopes for the Digital Daffodil.

“2020 has been a tough year for charities so by using our media as donation touchpoints we are able to get the daffodil in front of as many people as possible,” Bradnick said.

“When we launched the Smart Daffodil last year, we wanted to disrupt fundraising. “We did this by turning every pin wearing Daffodil Day donor into a fundraiser.

“Fast forward a year and the idea of scanning QR codes on a daily basis is now a regular occurrence. We hope this means that despite bucket collections now happen people can still find an easy way to donate.”

Cancer Society marketing chief Sue McGregor hopes the expansion of the campaign and the promise to match donations will encourage Kiwis to embrace a new way of giving.

“Cancer Society and ANZ have enjoyed a 30-year partnership and we’ve helped raise more than $20 million through donation initiatives for Daffodil Day,” she said.

“TBWA worked closely with our staff, volunteers and people with cancer to get ‘under the hood’ of what’s important to people.”

“The launch of the Digital Daffodil campaign as well the match funding pledge is part of our desire to ensure donations keep coming in and the Cancer Society can continue to deliver much needed support and services to the 1 in 3 Kiwis who are affected by cancer.”

“It’s this support that is on display in the new TBWA\NZ Cancer Society tvc.”

The 30 second spot sees Rose, a cancer patient, being driven to her first treatment by Pete, a Cancer Society driver. Over the course of the film, we see Rose and Pete get closer, through the good times and the bad; and we understand how the Cancer Society provides ongoing support to cancer patients.

Cancer Societ ceo Lucy Elwood said: “Through the new platform the charity can hero everything from family member counselling to gentle yoga classes, mastectomy pillows and drivers like Pete.

“It was really important for us to communicate our services in an easy-to-understand way. Through the creative process, TBWA\NZ worked closely with our staff, volunteers and people with cancer to get ‘under the hood’ of what’s important to people.

“They were then able to create a beautiful and emotional campaign that encouraged people to donate,” says Lucy.


Clients: ANZ & Cancer Society
Agency: TBWA Group NZ
Production Partner: GoodOil
Music: Long Time Gone by Bachelorette

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