Christine Kearney appointed ceo at Powerhouse Digital

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AUCKLAND, Today: Northcote-based marketing agency Powerhouse Digital has appointed Christine Kearney as its new chief executive officer.

Powerhouse Digital director Toss Grumley said: “With an impressive track record of success, Christine’s appointment signifies a significant step forward for the agency.

“Powerhouse Digital is recognised for its prowess in strategic digital marketing, and achieved sales of over $110 million for clients in 2022.

“Christine’s leadership ushers in an ambitious era for the agency.”

“Christine’s leadership ushers in an ambitious era for the agency, known for its ability to transform niche brands into industry leaders. The agency’s strategic approach to marketing has firmly established it as a formidable player in the sector.”

Powerhouse Digital director Murdoch Razmi said: “Christine’s aspirations are a perfect fit with the agency’s overarching vision.

“Armed with her achievements in luxury brands and her role at Webb’s, she is poised to guide us through a period of growth and transformation.”

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