NZ digital agencies form ‘powerful’ partnership

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TAURANGA, Wednesday: An award-winning New Zealand digital agency has joined forces with a leader of the Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads sectors in what they’re calling “a game changer” for Kiwi businesses looking to get an edge on rivals.

“Digital search specialists Found, which has an established background of consistently delivering massive ROI for clients, now falls under the umbrella of Quentosity Digital Marketing Consultancy,” says Quentosity MD Quentin van Heerden.

“Both agencies have strong roots in Tauranga, both operate in the SEO sphere, and both have clients across New Zealand and overseas. 

“The difference between the two is that SEO agency Found is a highly specialised SEO and Google Ads-focused agency, whilst Quentosity operates right across the digital spectrum, ranging from SEO to software development, to web development, branding, graphic design and much more. 

“What’s more, Quentosity is the first digital agency to become a holder of the Accessibility Tick, is an All-of-Government approved agency for Advertising Services and Design Services, and has an awards history that includes Gold at the Best Design Awards in New Zealand, and also at The Good Awards in Australia.

“I’m delighted Found is now part of the Quentosity family.

“Delivering real results for businesses that allow them to grow is what I’m passionate about, and what we work tirelessly to do at Quentosity. Having Found on board strengthens that even further thanks to their specialists’ vast industry knowledge and background in SEO and Google Ads.

“The SEO and Google Ads world is one of complexity and movement. Changes are inevitable, which means businesses can’t afford to take their eye off the ball.”

“It’s not uncommon for some businesses to use different agencies at the same time for different services. However, with Quentosity and Found now working side by side, that won’t be necessary for their current and future clients.

“We can do it all. What this means for our clients is we can seamlessly bring together all the services they need, and be ready to add to them whenever required.

“For businesses, it’ll be a game-changer in taking their growth to another level. We’re already seeing the positive impact the partnership has, and that will continue to build for the benefit of our clients.”

“The SEO and Google Ads world is one of complexity and movement. Changes are inevitable, which means businesses can’t afford to take their eye off the ball. Lost ground in the SEO world means missed leads, sales, and ultimately, money in the bank. Hence, this is why a business needs an SEO agency like Found if they want to grow.

“Unlike other agencies that consider SEO or Adwords to be only about getting a business appearing high in a search engine, Found is ROI-driven. For Found, successful SEO and Google Ads are about delivering tangible results (think leads and sales) and making sure clients dominate their market in the search engine realm.

“There can be a lot of confusion about SEO. At its core though is delivering outstanding ROI for businesses, which is what Found is exceptional at doing.

“When you add the options of Quentosity’s many bespoke services, businesses can access so much under one agency’s roof. It’s exciting for us, and more importantly, exciting for New Zealand businesses.”

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