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AUCKLAND, Today: Following a year of Covid uncertainty and a strategic review of the NZDM Awards that identified the need for restructure and reinvention, the Marketing Association has decided to postpone the call for entries until 2021.

The 2019 awards were held in February – and the 2020 entry call would normally have happened around now – with the awards night held in February 2021.

MA ceo John Miles said: “The decision took into account a number of considerations, but ultimately landed on what was best for the members.

“Postponing and re-imagining the NZDM awards is the right call. Covid hasn’t helped but it was our review that identified issues and opportunities.

“A fresh approach to celebrating best-in-class future-state marketing is a big opportunity.”

“Importantly we’re more excited than ever about the potential for marketing to drive business and generate commercial growth. The challenge is now about how we capitalise on this with a progressive and contemporary marketing awards event.”

Chair of the strategic review, Ant Rainger of Rainger & Rolfe, said: “The analysis, insights and research work we undertook quickly pointed to available space in the world of marketing awards.

“The consumer will always be at the centre of any conversation, but we also need to better embrace the way technology, data, communications, digital, innovation and creativity contributes. 2021 and a fresh approach to celebrating best-in-class future-state marketing is our big opportunity to demonstrate this.”

“We look forward to bringing to the NZ marketing community a new opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the great work we are doing here in NZ.”

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