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AUCKLAND, Today: NZ-owned petfood company Animals Like Us – with help from their friends at Flying Fish, HeyYou, John Plimmer, Marx Design and MBM – has launched its first campaign for a ‘raw made easy’ range of dog food, now available in supermarkets. 

Chairman Jeremy Moon said: “The campaign highlights the ways in which dogs and their owners are alike.

“As humans, we tend to eat pretty well these days. We know the role good nutrition plays in our lives, but what about our pets? They like to eat well too – like us”

“I founded Icebreaker when I realised the outdoor industry was based on plastic dressed up as technology. We found a better solution in nature with New Zealand merino.

“We founded Animals Like Us on the same principles. This is real, natural food in response to an industry dominated by cheap carbs wrapped in flavouring.

“Focusing initially on dogs, and with catfood on the horizon, Animals Like Us identified the benefits of raw feeding in the way that it closely mirrors the natural world.

“This is a big shift – until now, over 90% of supermarket petfood has been produced offshore.”

“But the team wanted to make it safe and convenient for both pets and owners, so their version is ‘raw made easy’; the messier elements are freeze-dried to ensure maximum nutritional value with minimum fuss.

Co-founder/ceo Rob Achten (also formerly of Icebreaker), describes it as a “world first, here in New Zealand”.

“It’s now easy to add raw food to your dog’s diet safely without the mess. We have combined whole chunks of nutrient-rich freeze-dried meat – wagyu beef heart, liver, and tripe – with high protein meat and vege bites.

“It’s a combination we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. And it’s ethically and sustainably sourced and manufactured in Hawke’s Bay.

“This is a big shift – until now, over 90% of supermarket petfood has been produced offshore.”

The campaign has launched with a hero video, OOH, and a heavy focus on digital and social.

A handpicked team of specialists across several agencies was assembled to support the strategy and execution for launch including Flying Fish, HeyYou, John Plimmer, Marx Design, and MBM.

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