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WELLINGTON, Today: Creative agency Doublefish has delivered a new campaign for Careerforce, urging New Zealanders to consider careers in care & support.

Careerforce ceo Jane Wenman said: “The majority of New Zealanders believe people working in community support roles are important to society – but fewer than half would recommend it to a family as a career, according to new research.

“Yet, it’s a hugely rewarding, varied and often life-changing career choice as revealed in the new public awareness campaign Life Changing Careers supported by the Tertiary Education Commission’s Covid-19 response fund.

“We want to build a workforce that better reflects the diversity of those that they are supporting, people of all ages, genders, cultural identities and lived experiences.

“Doublefish was tasked to deliver a campaign that inspired younger New Zealanders to consider a career as a support worker by showing them how rewarding a job in this sector can be. Not only are care and support roles hugely rewarding, interesting and fun, but they are also flexible with opportunities for fulltime, flexitime and contract roles that can be managed to fit around personal commitments.

“The campaign features four heartwarming stories that feature not just the support workers themselves but the people they work for. When you hear someone talking about how important their support worker is to them it inspires you.

“The core message is the life you change might be your own.”

“The campaign will run across On Demand, Maori TV, social and digital.”

Careerforce marketing manager Paul Williams said: “Tt was evident that storytelling needed to be central to the whole campaign.

“Doublefish and their partners have done a superb job of bringing these stories to life, and we are feeling very confident that the campaign will strike a real chord with our targeted audiences.

“For Careerforce, it has been a true privilege developing this campaign on behalf of the sectors we represent. It has also been a pleasure working with Doublefish through all stages of campaign development.”

Doublefish CD Ken Double said: “The project took the team into a world very different from their own day to day.

“It required heart as well as professionalism. The term support worker doesn’t always do justice to the talented, compassionate, resourceful people who do this job. We’re very grateful to the inspiring workers who participated and to the clients who allowed us to tell their stories.

“The wider team creating this campaign have found the process extremely rewarding and it has truly been a privilege having a sneak peek into the lives of the people we feature.”

The campaign will run across On Demand, Maori TV, social and digital.


Agency: Doublefish
Creative: Ken Double & John Fisher
Director: Ro Tierney
Producer: Juliet Dreaver
Design and production: Jason Bowden
Stills photography: Joseph Kelly
Account Director: Tara Merriman
Client: Paul Williams
Media: Digital Cafe
PR: Latitude Strategy & Communication

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