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AUCKLAND, Today: Just 11 months since they opened their doors and before the paint has even dried, ad & marketing technology agency Stitch has been on a roll having added nine clients to their roster, moving into new offices in Grey Lynn and delivering their first published case study for their foundation client, Turners Group NZ.

Stitch was founded by Simon Wedde (ex-Deloitte, DDB, Clemenger & Colenso BBDO) and Adnan Khan (ex-Facebook, Microsoft).

Turners marketing GM Sean Wiggans said: “By [ahem] stitching together advertising & marketing technology Stitch was able to help Turners generate more cost-efficient and higher quality leads.

“This resulted in a –68% drop of cost/lead and 5.3-fold increase in lead volume while enabling Turners to set-up automated email and SMS responses to deal with the increased amount of leads as well as sending automated lead information to their customer service team.

“Stitch enabled us to use their experience to build a picture of what we needed, as well as developing a fast path to get there.”

“This now occurred in real-time vs. a wait of between one and 12 hours. It took just two days – from briefing to full implementation. This resulted in a +38% increase in post lead interaction.

“We’re on a journey to improve our digital lead generation and nurture capabilities. And of course we want to go faster than our resources will allow.

“Partnering with Stitch enabled us to use their experience and knowledge to build a picture of what we needed to achieve our objectives, as well as helping to develop a fast path to get there.

“The integration of advertising and marketing technology provided a quick, painless solution to increase response times in our leads to the sale process, resulting in a +38% lift in interactions with leads. And it keeps building towards the ideal picture of what we need to achieve our objectives.”

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