Droga5 pulls the proverbial for Toilet Paper Day

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It passed us by so quietly M+AD missed the thing entirely. August 26 was National Toilet Paper Day in the United States and to mark the event Droga5 produced a whacky 60 second commercial for toilet paper company, Quilted Northern.

It’s big business this toilet paper lark. In the US alone, Americans buy more than 7 billion rolls every year.

Rather than trying to convince people that toilet paper is a thing worth celebrating, Quilted Northern decided to have a little fun in a video called ‘A Most Forgettable Holiday.’ Created by Droga5, the spot points out that on National Toilet Paper Day, “there are no gifts, no parades, no jolly people in suits, and no one gets this day off work.”

The campaign plays into Quilted Northern’s “Designed to be Forgotten” tagline, which was unveiled last year and is based off of the insight that “the best bathroom trips are the ones we don’t remember.”

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