Cue … The Drone!

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COATSVILLE, Monday: Film Construction has released Ep 3 of its Place online film series which showcases NZ locations and filmmakers. This five-minute edition is titled From The Bird’s Eye and has a tight focus on the use of drones on commercial shoots.

Producer Joseph Fityus talks to aerial cinematographer Tony Young – against a typically Central Otago backdrop – about the pros and cons of state-of-the-art drones (with their inbuilt heating devices to keep the camera rolling smoothly at temperatures constantly below zero).

“Essential viewing for anybody even remotely connected to the tvc business.”

The production – a mini-film in its own right – has been set against a moody soundtrack from award-winning Wellington screen composer Rhian Sheehan.

Young clearly enjoys working with filmmakers, and effectively manages to communicate his love of the medium.

Drones are fast becoming a major tool on commercial shoots – in metro areas as well as the mountains, and the insights Place offers would seem to make it essential viewing for anybody even remotely connected to the tvc business.


Director: Perry Bradley
Producer: Jozsef Fityus
Cinematographer/Editor/Colourist: Belinda Bradley
Aerial Cinematography: Tony Young
Production Company: Film Construction
Music: Rhian Sheehan/courtesy Loop Media NZ
Special thanks: Tony Young, Helicam Films, Queenstown Camera Company, Direct Rentals, Sherwood

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