Drones make a cake – with remarkable results

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Creative advertising agency DDB Oslo teamed up with drone operators Tilt to create this new ad for Norwegian telecom company Telia. In the ad the drones assemble, frost and blow out the candles on a tiered cake.

DDB Oslo made the commercial for the brand’s 4G mobile network. In recent years, Telia spent billions building its 4G network, and throughout the process has flown drones in various roles around Norway.

“Now that Telia finally can boast the title of having Norway’s best 4G network, deserved our loyal drones to join in the celebration,” said agency acting ceo Carina Llado.

Drone pilot Daniell Ashby said: “Telia gave us the task to decorate a cake. The only thing is, we’re making it with drones. We are using racing drones, they are small and easy to operate which is important when you’re flying spongecake and smarties guns and flame throwers.”

Inventor Martin Gautron said: “All these devices are made from scratch in a DIY inspiration. We used lot of light materials like plastic, aluminum and oak; which is very strong and reliable for small parts. There’s a lot of trial and error back and forth. But that’s what you get when you’re baking cakes with drones.”

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