Drum will lead global Reebok rebrand in NZ

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BOSTON, Thursday: Reebok – represented in NZ by Drum Auckland – is to unify under one brand logo and wordmark, leveraging its most recognisable assets – the Vector logo and ‘drop-R’ wordmark.

The wordmark and logo will be fully integrated across all Reebok sport and lifestyle products, including footwear and apparel, while an exclusive early release of sport styles featuring the Vector logo will be available this month.

Karen Reuther, the Boston-based VP of creative direction, said: “This evolution shines a spotlight on Reebok’s proud heritage, connecting its rich legacy to its exciting future.

“Drum is a full service agency. Reebok is signed with them from a PR & creative perspective in New Zealand.”

“Under a unified banner, all of our products and experiences will tell a single story that is clear and consistent. The Vector was created as a logo version of the iconic Reebok side stripes and cross-check design that dates back more than 50 years.

“It’s compelling, dynamic and powerfully linked to some of our greatest cultural moments”

“The new Vector logo is an updated, subtle modern evolution of the original. The Reebok Delta logo, which was first introduced on product in 2011, will continue to be used on select product, including CrossFit and UFC-branded Reebok apparel.”

Reebok Australasia brand comms manager Simon Tukukino, who’s based in Melbourne, told M+AD: “Drum is a full service agency. We are signed with them from a PR & creative perspective in New Zealand.

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