Dry July – an ode to sobriety

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Toybox animation director Andrew Newland sets out to illustrate what we can achieve without a hangover for the 2014 Dry July launch video.

Written by the sober creative heads at Sydney’s Clemenger BBDO, this light-hearted nod at the mother of all hangovers carried a serious message to promote a worthwhile cause.

Dry July is a fundraiser that challenges people to give up alcohol for a month to support adults living with cancer.

The launch film takes the viewer on an irreverent animated rollercoaster ride through bloodshot eyes, past goats, nudity, greasy breakfasts, and slow boats to North Korea before unleashing the alternate possibilities of living booze-free for a month. 

Graphic, loose and heavily stylised, the handcrafted ode to sobriety treats a weighty subject matter in a light-hearted and playful manner.  Newland comments,

“I loved the rapid-fire and wonderfully left-field vignettes described in the script,” said Newland. “The animation process was fast but the style that we went with was a perfect fit for Dry July.

“Some projects are a lot of fun to do and this was one of them.”

To make the tight deadline, artists from around the globe worked on the film at the same time, hand-painting hundreds of individual frames, which were finished and mastered at the Toybox studio in Auckland.

Toybox exec producer Nanette Miles said: “More and more we’re working across time zones with artists and clients from different parts of the world. It’s a challenging but exciting way to work. Having the right team and infrastructure around us here is the key.”

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