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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Trustpower returns to TV screens this weekend with their first new brand campaign in two and a half years. Lost & Found, was directed by Chris Dudman of CPD Films from a concept developed by long-term agency partner Art & Industry (Pt Chev). 

The ad tells the story of childhood sweethearts who are brought together again later in life as the result of an accident. It is the first creative execution under Trustpower’s new Meant to be Together brand platform. 

Trustpower comms manager Carolyn Schofield said: “Meant to be Together provides a platform for us to tell stories to support Trustpower’s position as the leading supplier of bundled utility and telco services in New Zealand.

“Just like some people are meant to be together, it’s natural that your essential home services should all be together with Trustpower.

“Our aim with Lost & Found was to create a highly emotional story that people would relate to. Advertising effectiveness research from multiple sources including the IPA, Warc, The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and Les Binet and Peter Field all indicates the importance of brand building to long term business success.

“Multiple studies also show that emotional advertising that works on people’s subconscious brain is more effective in building brands long-term that rational advertising.

“Studies show that emotional advertising that works on the subconscious is more effective in building brands than long-term rational advertising.”

“Trustpower has been at the forefront of using neuro-research techniques in New Zealand to optimise advertising creative. Working with Cole Armstrong from Neurospot the company carried out testing at both the concept stage and off-line edit in order to maximise the emotional response.

“Neurospot are able to literally tap into people’s brains, using EEGs to record how people are reacting at a subconscious level to what they are seeing on the screen. Combining this with eye-tracking data allows us to understand how viewers are responding to each and every shot used in the tvc.

“The results of the testing of the first edit gave us valuable insights that allowed us make improvements to maximise the viewer’s emotional response. Some of these changes involved altering a shot used in the edit, others were more subtle and involved changing the length of a shot, sometimes only by a few frames.”

“Trustpower’s advertising during the past six years has established the company as the leading provider of bundled energy and telco services in New Zealand.”

The campaign
The campaign launches with a 90s tvc for broadcast TV and online. A further 60s and 30s will be introduced in the coming weeks. The brand tvc will be supported by a parallel campaign running in radio, OOH and online.


Client: Trustpower
Marketing Communications Manager: Carolyn Schofield
Agency: Art & Industry
Creative Director: Daniel Crayford
TV Production: CPD Films
Director: Chris Dudman
Producer: Bridget Bolton-Riley
Original Music: Age Pryor
Media: Independent Media NZ (Mark Reekie)
Neuro-research: Neurospot (Cole Armstrong)

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