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One of the big auction prizes got through Botab without a taker, so the Euro Chef’s Table is still very much available. “We’re calling upon you now,” says CAANZ communications executive Nicky Monera. “The highest bid received by 5pm this Friday is in for an amazing night.”

The winning bidder will dine with five friends out at the chef’s table at Euro, catered by Simon Gault in person, with Dave Dobbyn and CAANZ ceo Paul Head as hosts.

This is a degustation menu , comprising up to 11 courses of innovative and surprising combinations, textures, temperatures and flavours that genuinely challenge the mind and delight the taste buds.

Part theatre, totally food and all deliciousness, this would make for an incredible night out for a lucky bidder and their friends and family, or a unique entertainment opportunity for an agency looking to impress.

The auction is to raise funds for Botab’s 2014 charity, The New Zealand Music Foundation. “You and the advertising community can make a huge difference by supporting music-based projects that change the lives of thousands of New Zealanders,” Monera said.

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