Eat ice cream, say ‘yes’

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At the start of summer Tip Top and Colenso launched a series of social experiments to find out if Feeling Tip Top makes everything better. They did tests in the workplace, at the movies and on the streets. And the results strongly suggest that – yes – Tip Top ice cream makes a difference to people’s frame of mind and therefore makes life better.

Watch all the experiments here

So, for phase 2 of the campaign, Colenso came up with the idea ‘Yes Sticks’ – a way for consumers to experiment with the effects of Tip Top ice cream and to help them get something they desire.

Whether it’s a raise from their boss, an elusive first date or a night out with the girls, Tip Top are offering their fans the chance to ask for anything they want by putting their personal questions on ice cream sticks.

These special ‘Yes Sticks’ will then be put into normal-looking Tip Top ice creams which can be given to a selection of unsuspecting recipients.

Of course they will only be able to read the question once they’ve eaten the ice cream and are Feeling Tip Top, and therefore more inclined to say “yes”.

The campaign is centred round a Facebook app and is supported by a radio partnership and outdoor and digital media.


Agency: Colenso BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copywriter: Oriel Davis-Lyons
Art Director: Beth O’Brien
Group Account Director: Richard Birkby
Planner: Sarah Oberman
Executive Producer: Tim Freeman
Client: Tip Top
Group Marketing Manager: Minna Reinikkala
Senior Brand Manager: Natacha Clark

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