Pizza Hut puts out the call for TikTok creator

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Pizza Hut, in partnership with Dentsu Creative NZ, have put out the call for a TikToker wanting to prove to their mum that “content creation can pay the bills”.

Pizza Hut NZ marketing manager Jamie Keen said: “It’s a real job, working 20 hours per week, at $60k pro rata per year – regarding a TikTok tactic that is going seriously well for Pizza Hut NZ.

“And proof of Pizza Hut’s commitment to taking their platform-specific marketing approach seriously.

“TikTok users clearly agree with the approach, with over a thousand applications so far. They’ve received skits, poems, songs, and love letters from people keen to take full control of Pizza Hut’s TikTok channel. 

“Even before they’ve begun to consider awarding the job, Pizza Hut’s following has increased by 422%, the TikTok job ads have had over 1.7 million video views, and the organic reach of the entries keeps growing and growing. 

“It’s a real job, working 20 hours per week, at $60k pro rata per year.”

“When Dentsu Creative first came to me with the idea, I thought it was great. It’s a completely different approach for us, and we’re stoked with the results so far.”

“Check out the official job ad and apply for one of our Pizza Hut Creator Kits. If you’re selected, you’ll get your own kit to show us what you can do and why you should be considered for the gig.

“Applicants will be shortlisted in early March, and the best will be shared with the TikTok community, while Pizza Hut handle official interviews and all that boring HR stuff!”

Entries close on Monday 6 March.

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