Effie 2016 entry call (updated)

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CAANZ – with a big helping hand from JWT – has today issued its call for entries for the 2016 Effie Awards, in association with TVNZ.

“It’s that somewhat daunting time of year when our industry starts gathering the facts and figures behind the great campaigns of the past year and prepare to write a 2500 word Effie entry,” said CAANZ prez (and JWT MD) Simon Lendrum.

This year, CAANZ and JWT (who developed this year’s Showcase Your Science campaign) are focusing on the elements behind effective marketing campaigns with a theme that asks entrants to Showcase Your Science.

“Effective advertising is not a happy accident,” Lendrum said. “It involves rigour and science and an Effie paper should demonstrate this in proving how it delivered great results for clients’ business.

“Bill Bernbach pronounced that advertising is persuasion, and persuasion ‘happens to be not science but an art’. In today’s world, however, with ever more distracted consumers, an abundance of data – not all of it useful or useable – and increasing confusion as to where to engage audiences, the precursors to success look ever-more scientific.

“Great creative thinking prospers from strong strategic foundations, and this is the science bit. A well planned campaign has clarity of purpose, insight-rich consumer understanding, defined success metrics and smart media thinking. With these elements in place, creativity can thrive.

“Great ideas become great solutions when they are pointed towards the right problems, and this is what strategic thinking should enable.”

Miracle or marketing methodology?

CAANZ ceo Paul Head said: “Miracle or marketing methodology? After reading the recently released Effie report it’s very much the latter that makes for highly effective campaigns. In fact the research around the Effie Report makes it clear that highly effective campaigns have a number of elements in common:

  • They plan for effectiveness
  • They set fewer objectives
  • They use research to develop insight
  • They’re clear about the role of each media channel chosen
  • They demonstrate real clarity around objectives and strategy
  • They involve genuine collaboration from the very beginning of the marketing process.

“The Effie Report proves that there is a real element of science to truly effective campaigns, Paul Head said.

“And we’re looking for entrants to prove their science this year.”

The call for entries is now open with a closing date of 16th August 2016.  Winners and finalists will be celebrated and awarded at the Gala dinner to be held at The Langham, Auckland on Thursday 20th October 2016.


Call for Entries Issued: Thursday 16 June
Entry Writing Workshop: Thursday 30th June – 9am to 11am
Entries close: Tuesday 16 August @ 4pm
Late penalty deadline: Thursday 18 August @4pm
Preliminary Judging: Tuesday 6 September (Auckland) and Thursday 8 September (Wellington)
Category Judging: Thursday 29 September
Executive Judging: Wednesday 12 October (Auckland)
Effectiveness Function: Tuesday 18 October – 4.30 to 7.30
Effie Awards Show: Thursday 20 October (The Langham)

CAANZ would like M+AD to acknowledge their association partner TVNZ, commercial partner NZME and sponsors Nielsen, The Radio Bureau, and SOAR print.

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