Egg-mented reality!

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AUCKLAND, Friday: First he was the happy-go-lucky talking egg on the breakfast table. Now, Goldie is leading FARMER BROWN into new territory with an innovative augmented reality promotion.

Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt invites Kiwis to use their phones to find golden eggs. There’s a chance to win “$10,000 and more every week”.

Players use their phones to hunt for one million augmented reality golden eggs. Each egg provides another chance to win the weekly “$10,000 prize draws”.

Collecting different coloured eggs can win players grocery vouchers and special ‘Goldie packs’. These packs are filled with Goldie-themed goodies.

“Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt is the biggest promotion FARMER BROWN has ever done,” says Bernadette de Bono. It’s pioneering in the egg category using Augmented Reality.

The Goldie character first appeared in 2023. Since then, Goldie has significantly boosted FARMER BROWN’s brand personality and sales.

“Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt is the biggest promotion FARMER BROWN has ever done.”

For the hunt, Work Group’s digital team developed the augmented reality programming. The promotion also includes a TV OnDemand and digital campaign.

“Developing a game of this scope is quite challenging,” says Gaylene Anderson of Work Group. They aimed to create an outstanding experience from scratch.

Goldie’s Golden Egg Hunt marks a significant point in the partnership between Zeagold and FARMER BROWN. It showcases innovation and rebranding efforts.

“2023 was a challenging year for the industry with operational changes and resulting supply issues,” says Alastair De Raadt, General Manager of Zeagold Foods. “We decided that it was the perfect time to invest in both the FARMER BROWN and WOODLAND brands and we’re already seeing the results with increased market share and brand awareness for both WOODLAND and FARMER BROWN.”


Advertiser: Zeagold Nutrition
General Manager, Zeagold Foods: Alastair De Raadt
Group Marketing Manager: Bernadette de Bono

Creative & Media Agency
: Work Communications
Managing Director: Gaylene Anderson
Creative: Steve Charlton
Creative: Ben Chandler
Design: Jamie Martel
Media Director: Guriq Singh

Digital Agency
: Gravitate
Technical Director: John Lennard
Senior Interaction Design: Charly Morfin

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