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AUCKLAND, Today: AUNZ film co Eight has announced multiple hires across their tvc production department and The Story Department. Headlining the swag of hires is award-winning NZ producer Claire Kelly.

She’s been confirmed executive producer/head of production in New Zealand.

Kelly (CK) said: “I feel very lucky to be here at Eight, a great bunch of people and directors who are all on different trajectories, but all still managing to exceed their own goals and then some.

“Great to be part of a female-led company too; I feel very at home here.”

Eight managing director/executive producer Katie Millington, who’ based in Auckland, said: “We finally managed to put a ring on it. CK’s resume is one of the most extensive in the biz and we’re thrilled to have her on board as our NZ captain.”

Other hires include Rebecca Lawrence, who joins the Eight team in New Zealand as a producer, and Chamolie Thompson who has been appointed production co-ordinator across tvc and The Story Department, which currently has two films in production.

Additionally, Jess Belgiovane joined the Australian office as a producer in March of this year.

Millington: Eight’s exponential growth comes after a solid year of new talent acquisitions, award wins and nominations, with its recent nomination for B&T Diversity Champion Award showcasing our cornerstone values.

“It’s great to be part of a female-led company – I feel very at home here.”

“Our awards include; winner of Emerging Director at the 42nd AWARD Awards, winner of the New Director of the Year at the Shots Awards, winner for CICLOPE Asia’s New Talent Award, and multiple nominations for AWARD Awards and NZ’s Axis Awards.

“As producers, we thrive in chaos and we are proud of what we’ve achieved during these unprecedented times. 2021 has been a huge year of growth and learning and we finish up the year with a dream production team ready to take on 2022. We plan on continuing to commit to building an inclusive, varied workplace welcoming people of all backgrounds and to fostering new talent along the way.”

“Fostering young talent comes naturally to Eight, in 2020 when young director Courtney Brookes found herself stranded while home from New York visiting Sydney, she found the perfect new home at Eight.

Brookes said: “As a young female director it can be an arduous journey as you find your footing in the industry and gain experience on jobs where you aren’t hired as a token.

“The main drawcard for signing with Katie and Lib at Eight was their strong female leadership and the mentorship they provide not only for their directors but also other women and underrepresented people in all production roles.”

About Eight
Eight is an Australasian film production company founded in 1998 with offices in Sydney and Auckland. We are passionate directors, producers, writers, editors, photographers, designers and visual artists. Almost two decades of film production has seen over 80 local and international craft awards and literally thousands of artists, technicians, creators and innovators through our doors.

We’re proud to be in the picture business servicing the advertising industry and we love what we do. At the heart of it, we’re a bunch of creative people with the ardent urge to tell stories, always fighting to get the best work made.

We are a straight-up, down to earth production company and we pride ourselves on our no-dickheads policy. We have a strong commitment to empowering women in the film industry and we support the 50/50 pledge working towards equal representation on set.

We will be running our next creative mentorship program in the 2nd half of 2021 and encourage applicants from all backgrounds and community sectors to apply.

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