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SYDNEY, Wednesday: Australasian production company Eight has signed award-winning director/DP duo Mitch Green & Louis English, who operate under the moniker Tourist. They are based in Australia, but work on both sides of the Tasman.

Eight executive producer Lib Kelly said: “Friends since high school art class, the duo, stopped competing against each other for grades and decided to collaborate.

“They dropped out of film school and established a reputation making work centred around real human stories. Their work for Crust Pizza collected awards at Ad Stars and AWARD.

“Their visual style pairs a contemporary, immersive sensibility with classic cinematic imagery and a razor-sharp cutting style.

“As a director/DP duo, our approach is obviously a little left of centre.”

“Tourist’s work immediately impressed us. They have a distinctive and dynamic style that adds something really fresh to our roster. They’re just really lovely, clever blokes with energy and ideas on tap and we’re very happy to have them in the building.”

Tourist said: “As a director/DP duo, our approach is obviously a little left of centre.”

but the talent we’ve met here and the support we’ve been given to make work our way has been fantastic.”

About Eight
Eight is an Australasian film production company founded in 1998 with offices in Sydney, and Auckland (at 20 Beaumont St, Freemans Bay; ph 09 309 8488.)

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