L’affare asks Aotearoa to Embrace the Unknown

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WELLINGTON, Monday: Indie agency EightyOne and production house Storybox have teamed up to create a new campaign for coffee roasters L’affare.

Their mission is to tempt us to explore the next level of flavour with new variants of their premium, limited edition, Roasters’ Cup range – Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit are the result of “creative collaborations with innovative coffee farmers, pioneering new, natural, processes that make extraordinary tasting coffees”.

EightyOne ECD Chris Bleackley said: “Launching coffee this special couldn’t conform to the tried and tested, the same old script.

“Reflecting both the boundary-pushing nature of the product and playful, eclectic, L’affare brand, we created a multi-media guerrilla campaign surrounded Wellington’s creative and foodie community – sensory DM to select influencers, special build sensory and tactile outdoor, a partnership with Radio Active and bespoke website and eDM conversation let people know about the upcoming drop of Sweet Velvet and Amp’d Fruit.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to work with a client that wanted to push the limits. I still don’t really know what it means, but I love it”.

“Creating intrigue about, and building cues for, these new products – though never revealing what they actually were. Those bold enough to embrace the unknown got an unforgettable experience of the distinctive feel of each product.

“Post event, we closed the loop by revealing the stories behind our new coffees, brought brand codes into selected stores where they’re sold and stimulated trial by amplifying influencer voices and through targeted video content, digital media, social and sampling. Making The Roasters’  Cup a new option for the coffee curious, while burnishing the halo of the L’affare brand.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to work with a client that wanted to push the limits. I still don’t really know what it means, but I love it”.

Marketing GM Jason Clapperton said: “When working with small budgets it’s important any idea is unique and interesting enough to create its own gravity. EightyOne delivered.”


Client: L’affare / UCC Coffee ANZ
GM Marketing: Jason Clapperton
GM L’affare: Paul Cockburn
Marketing & Innovations Manager: Antica Soljan
Brand Manager: Cat Mainwaring

Agency: EightyOne
ECD: Chris Bleackley
Creative: Joe Stuart
Designer: Micheal Hanly
Video & Photography: Ollie Stent
Account Director: Penelope Hobbs
Strategy: Brendan Sturrock
Media Director: Grant Maxwell

Production: Storybox
Creative Director: Rob Appierdo
Account Director: Claudia Zwimpfer
Project Manager: Andrew Croot
Designer: Kimi Moana Whiting
Animator: Moretekorohunga Lloyd

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