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SYDNEY, Today: Media intelligence business Isentia has promoted Auckland-based account manager Raquel Climent to the role of New Zealand country manager.

She brings more than 11 years’ experience in various sales roles across a broad range of media and has been a client solutions director at Isentia NZ over the past six years.

In her new role, Climent is responsible for leading the New Zealand team and strengthening client relationships.

“I’ve been working closely with our key clients in New Zealand and I love watching how they elevate their performance and strategy through media intelligence,” she said. “We know our data and research make a difference.

“I’m really looking forward to leading the New Zealand team as we continue to make a significant impact across all market segments,” Climent says.

“Raquel has been the star of the NZ for the past six years.”

Sydney-based Isentia chief commercial officer Russ Horell (himself a former NZ-based Isentia GM) said: “Raquel has been the star of the New Zealand business for the past six years.

“She is also a caring and consistent leader, who builds a strong rapport with her team and helps them to be the best they can be. I know that Raquel has the energy and talent to take the New Zealand business to the next level of success.

“Patricia has a proven track record across new business of all levels: Client wins, upgrades, multi-market sales and government tenders.

“She was awarded Isentia Salesperson of the Year twice, including in 2019, and every team she heads up always performs exceptionally.”

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