End of an era? Fish and NZ On Air shoot K Rd snapshots

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A collective of Auckland directors and creatives have got together to create their own filmic memories of K Rd for NZ On Air presents K Rd Stories, a collection of 10 short web films about Auckland’s iconic uptown street.

At the heart of the project are Fish directors James Solomon, Grant Lahood and Petra Cibilich. The NZOA programme premieres on Thursday 3 December.

K Rd Stories profiles the people and places that make this neighbourhood so infamous – and so beloved, allowing these often marginalised voices to speak; using cinematic craft, online media, and a live event in a new approach to digital storytelling.

Creative director James Solomon together with executive producers Hazel Gibson and Morgan Leigh Stewart have gathered some of Auckland’s top and emerging filmmakers to show us a slice of their version of K Rd. NZ On Air has helped make this possible through their Digital Media Ignite Fund, along with the project’s production partners Images & Sound, The Foley Room and Halcyon Digital.

The location inspired Solomon: “We are representing a place that is culturally significant to so many New Zealanders – at a time that may in fact be the end of an era.”

“The calibre of talent that we have assembled for this project is astounding. Filmmakers from all stages of their careers have come together to tell their stories of a place that has such a special connection to so many” says executive producer Morgan Leigh Stewart.

The team felt that the timing was right: “There’s a lot of change happening on K Rd at the moment, so it’s a really good time to do to a project like this. A snapshot of K Rd how it is now; a time capsule” said executive producer Hazel Gibson.

The 10 films will premiere at venues along Karangahape Road on Thursday 3 December in conjunction with First Thursdays with support from Iconicity and the K Road Business Association.

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