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AUCKLAND, Friday: What do an Englishman, a miniature pony and budgie smugglers have in common? They all feature in a fresh new, multifaceted Energy Online campaign by Freemans Bay-based full-service, indie creative & media agency Contagion.

The campaign takes aim at other energy companies and the tricks they use to get customers. It’s a strategy that supports Energy Online’s positioning as “the only simple option in the market for great value energy, every day”.

The series of films go live across social and digital channels and follow the misadventures of an Englishman called Derrick, who’s just moved to New Zealand and can’t figure out why choosing a power company is so complicated.

His neighbour, a laconic Kiwi called Dave, can’t understand why he doesn’t just choose the energy company that keeps things “brilliantly simple”. 

“Unfortunately, due to our agency pet policy, we had to give the miniature pony back.”

Contagion ECD Bridget Taylor said: “In keeping with the brand’s bold personality, this is a really exciting new direction.

“With further Government regulation coming to the power industry, we think strategically it’s a great space for Energy Online to play in. The ads are humorous and should really stand out.

“It’s also the first time I got to work with a miniature pony. Unfortunately, due to our agency pet policy, we had to give him back.”

Marketing manager Michael Wood believes the new work will provide clear differentiation in the market. “In this latest work we wanted to emphasise the refreshing simplicity of our offer by having a fun dig at the various tricks and gimmicks of our competitors,” he said.

The campaign will roll out over the next 12 months.


Client: Energy Online
Marketing Manager: Michael Wood
Group Manager Brand and Marketing: Justine Fairlie
Agency: Contagion
Creative: Bridget Taylor, Todd McCracken and Matt Weavers
Strategy and Planning: Dean Taylor
Account Director: Craig Harrison
Production Company: Truman Films
Director of Photography: Mark Lapwood
Stills Photography: Paul Jones and Kirsten Sudbury
Head of Creative Operations: Mike MacKinven
Design: Tama Ratapu and Jason Kwok
Media Agency: Contagion Media
Head of Client Service: Vanessa Williams
Digital Media Manager: Andrew McLeod
Channel Planner: Nikita Kirkcaldy

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