Enough is Enough

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HOLLYWOOD, Wednesday: Barbra Streisand has lent her face and voice to a new campaign urging America’s LGBTQI+ community to vote Trump out of office for his “appalling record on gay rights”.

The ad, called Vote proud, features Streisand’s 1979 classic duet with Donna Summer No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) and features a brief cameo from the 78-year-old megastar.

The clip was released by the progressive PAC Meidas Touch in partnership with Vote Proud, an initiative that aims to mobilise LGBTQI+ voters. The ad was produced by them.

“It has become an anthem for change and equality in America today.”

The spot claims that almost half of America’s LGBTQI+ didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election and, had they, it could have significantly turned the outcome in favour of Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Bruce Roberts, one of the songwriters behind No More Tears, co-founded the Vote Proud movement.

“I wrote Enough is Enough many years ago,” said Roberts. “Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer recorded it and had a global No 1 record, selling millions.

“And all these years later it has become an anthem for change and equality in America today. I am proud to be working with MeidasTouch on this initiative to spread the message using my song.”

Sharon Stone, Elton John, David Furnish, Billy Porter, Andy Cohen, and Laverne Cox are among the initiative’s co-chairs.

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