Entries into the MSiX Awards are now open

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After the success of the inaugural MSiX Awards in 2015, they are back in 2016 to celebrate those who are closing the gap between the marketing sciences and real world applications.

The MSiX Awards, supported by the Queensland University of Technology, sets the gold standard for marketing sciences work, honouring Australia & NZ’s best in class.

These awards recognise work that best embraces the principles of marketing and behavioural sciences in the creation of successful marketing campaigns, and hopefully eradicating the practice of ideas that are justified by people saying ‘just trust me’.

Advertisers, agencies, media, and research companies are invited to submit one or more campaigns for consideration. Judges will be selected from all fields of expertise and committed to bestowing the highest honours to the utmost standards of excellence in each category.

The Award Categories

Best Insight: Awarded to the entry that demonstrates an unearthing of a specific insight (or insights) that has acted as a springboard for product, brand, or business growth. Judges will be interested in the actual insight, how it was unearthed, and the body of evidence that supports the insight. Entries should demonstrate a direct link between scientific method(s) and the insight statement. The jurors will also want to know how this insight was/or will be useful for the business or brand.
Best Use of Behavioural Economics: Awarded to the entry that embraces the principles or techniques of behavioural economics to develop effective marketing. Judges will be interested in the principles embraced, rationale for using them, and evidence they were effective.
Best Use of Neuroscience: Awarded to the work that best demonstrates how neuroscience has been embraced to lead to effective marketing. Judges will be looking for a link between the neuroscience deployed, the evidence supporting the approach, and a connection to business results.
Creativity Powered by Science: Creative solutions can be powered by science in many ways. Science can provide the initial insight or opportunity, or it can be used to help bring an idea to life. Provide a tight causal relationship between your creative idea, and the scientific principles or theories that helped power it to impress the judges.
Shopper Behaviour: Awarded to a piece of work that facilitates shopper marketing (in the bricks or clicks world), utilising the principles of decision making, or choice architecture, and demonstrates an advanced understanding of consumer behaviour
Clever Data: Awarded to work that clearly demonstrates the collecting, organising, and reacting to data to develop effective business, brand or product solutions. ‘Clever’ data refers to data (structured or unstructured) that has been made useful to the organisation, and has been the catalyst for an opportunity for growth.
Student Thinker of the Year: This award is for the best marketing sciences thinking by a student in a tertiary institution in Australia or New Zealand.  We welcome diverse methodologies, including experimental research, survey research, or other methods relevant to the understanding of consumer behaviour. The award will go to the paper that best takes established academic principles of marketing sciences to better the marketing community.
Grand Prix: Awarded to the best submission of 2016 across all categories provided they meet the standard of excellence set by the MSiX Awards.

Entries close midnight Friday, September 16, 2016. Late entries are accepted, with an additional entry fee of $100 per entry, until midnight on Friday, September 23, 2016. Judging period is from September 24, 2015 to September 23, 2016.

Cost of entry: $265 + GST per entry (entries for the Student Thinker of the Year Award are free of charge). The Awards Ceremony will  be held Thursday, November 24, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

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