EU launches global creative-content reuse tech project for SMEs

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Eighty-five percent of all actors in the global creative industries sector are effectively SMEs (small & medium sized businesses) says the European Union, launching the Ardito project, a service for agencies who wish to reuse creative content.

“Over the past 20 years there has been an unprecedented explosion in the volume and types of digital creative content – from eBooks, music streaming and games, to online news and entertainment hubs and video-on-demand platforms,” said project coordinator Paola Mazzucchi.

The vision of the new Ardito project, launching during the London Book Fair where several project partners will be meeting, is to automate the exchange of information about rights to any content type, between the owners of the content and users – especially SMEs – through a connected network of data (called the Rights Data Network).

“Ardito is all about providing simple tools and services to support SMEs in the creative content sector to find new business ideas though monetising the reuse of their content,” Mazzucchi said.

“Everything is digital today throughout this extraordinary ‘value network’ from the production process, the products, the supply chains, through to the way in which digital products and services are made available to consumers.

“But when users wish to reuse creative content it is hard to find information about who to ask for permission, which licences are available, and on which terms – which is where Ardito comes in.”

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