European masterpieces inspire Wellington columns

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Ten new poster sites have appeared on Wellington’s golden mile. Commissioned and installed by Phantom Billstickers, and designed by award-winning Melbourne studio Diadem, these brand new poster-bearing plinths bring a touch of European style to the streets of the capital.

“We have taken inspiration from the classic poster pillars of Europe to upgrade the street furniture of the capital and ensure our clients’ posters are displayed with the maximum of panache,” said Phantom managing partner Jamey Holloway.

Each Phantom column is 3.5 metres tall, enabling the delivery of life-size images. There’s an LED light illuminating the top, so all eyes will be drawn towards your creative. Half of the columns are backlit too (and there’s plans to ensure all Phantom columns will soon enjoy the advantages of day/night glow).

“We’ve long been fans of classic Euro posters – historically, these street-level masterpieces found a natural home in Paris & Berlin.”

“If you’re lucky enough to be based in central Wellington, this will probably be old news,” Holloway says. Our columns are currently viewed by over 3,000 pairs of eyeballs every hour. And if you’re not a Wellingtonian, you won’t have to wait too long. Phantom Billstickers will be installing these state-of-the-art poster sites in a range of metropolitan locations around Aotearoa in the near future.”

The past inspires the future
“At Phantom Billstickers we’ve long been fans of classic European posters,” Holloway says. “Historically, these street-level masterpieces found their natural home in the Parisian Morris Columns and the Litfass columns’of Berlin.”

Now it’s Wellington’s turn. Check them out on Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Cuba Mall and Courtenay Street.

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