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LONDON, Today: Facebook inched closer to becoming the first social network with 3 billion users in Q3 2020 – based on research data published by Spanish analyst Comprar Acciones, it had 2.74 billion monthly active users at the end of September, up by 12% year-over-year.

Facebook was the most popular social networking platform. YouTube and WhatsApp followed with 2 billion users each, while Messenger was third with 1.3 billion. In total, the four had a cumulative 8 billion users.

During the period, Facebook also had a 12% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase in the total number of its daily active users (DAUs), to reach 1.82 billion.

Asia Pacific led in DAUs, going from 699 million in Q2 to 727 million in Q3 2020. Europe remained flat at 305 million, while the US & Canada dropped from 198 million to 196 million.

“Asia Pacific was the top market with 1.17 billion users. Europe had 413 million, while the US & Canada had 255 million.”

In terms of monthly active users (MAUs), Asia Pacific was also the top market with 1.17 billion users. Europe followed with 413 million, while the US & Canada had 255 million.

In the same period, the Facebook family of apps had a total of 3.21 billion users globally. Of its messaging platforms, WhatsApp was the most popular with 2 billion monthly users in October. Facebook Messenger was second with 1.3 billion monthly users.

YouTube doubles
On the other hand, YouTube reported that its Premium and Music services had 30 million paid subscribers in Q3 2020. The number had doubled in less than 18 months as it only had 15 million paid subscribers in May 2019.

According to mobile app-insights company Sensor Tower (San Francisco), Youtube was the second highest grossing mobile app in Q3 2020 across both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

During the period, its revenue increased by 59% YoY. On the other hand, Facebook came in second on the list of top mobile apps by downloads, in spite of a 2% YoY drop.

No NZ data
At press time, no figures were available for NZ – but these are bound to be similar.

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