Facebook launches video lite

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Facebook has launched Slideshow, a new lightweight video ad made from a series of still images, intended to be easy for advertisers to use.

As people continue to connect to Facebook using different connection speeds and device types, plus as video consumption moves to mobile, video can also be challenge advertisers, an unnamed Facebook NZ spokesperson said in a release.

“Slideshow is both a video creation tool and a new ad format which helps advertisers tell brand stories in emerging and high-growth countries plus can be used by small businesses who do not have the resources to create videos,” he/she said.

Additional benefits

  • Gives all businesses the ability to create video assets: slideshow reduces the need for video production time and resources. Businesses can use its own images or simply pull stock imagery from our library.
  • Reach more people with video on all devices: the smaller file size helps advertisers reach more people with eye catching video ads regardless of device or connection.
  • Takes up less data: a 15-second slideshow can be up to 5x smaller in file size than a video of the same length.

Coca Cola in Kenya and Nigeria tested and ran a video ad to raise awareness of the new season of their show, Coke Studio Africa. To extend the reach of their ad to people within their target audience who were on slow connections or features phones, they took high-resolution screenshots from the video, uploaded them in sequence along with some basic text and ran the story as a slideshow on Facebook.

“The results were encouraging,” the release said. “They reached 2 million people—twice their goal—and raised ad awareness by 10 points in Kenya.

“We are pleased with how the Facebook slideshow campaign performed across our key markets in Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Kenya. The campaign over-delivered on reach by one million and had a 10 point increase in ad awareness in Kenya.

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