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AUCKLAND, Today: A Facebook NZ Marketing Summit 2021 has been scheduled by the Marketing Association for this Wednesday (20 October), from 9.30am to 11.30am.

A small battalion of Facebook execs – both local and offshore – has been assembled (scroll down for the website link) for this virtual event which promises “to explore the customer shifts and trends changing business, media and technology”.

“New tools, global issues, and consumer behaviour under the virtual spotlight.”

Typically, the Marketing Association flyer contains only half the facts – completely omitting any mention of participation costs. We suspect it may be free.

Key topics

  • How shifting consumer behaviours have given rise to new audience personas and changed marketing strategies;
  • Why more marketers are using the power of creators to connect authentically;
  • When advertising and brand communication are tackling the big global and local issues;
  • How brands are using new tools to help their products to find customers, rather than waiting to be discovered.
  • More here:

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