Facebook a star in global job creation

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Deloitte and Facebook have today released their Global Economic Impact report, about the value the social network brings communities, small businesses, and economies around the world. 

Globally, Deloitte estimates that in 2014 Facebook enabled around US$227 billion of economic activity and 4.5 million jobs.

The urgency for job creation has never been greater, and the Deloitte report finds that a tremendous number of jobs are, in fact, created by businesses that are enabled by technology and the Internet.

According to Deloitte, Facebook stimulates the global economy by providing tools for marketers to grow their businesses and a platform for app developers to build new ways for people around the world to engage and interact.

In addition, Facebook creates a demand for connectivity, which in turn drives demand for connected mobile devices and data – stimulating growth for third parties and businesses that operate in Facebook’s global ecosystem.

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