Facebook and Tiger Pistol prime ‘simple’ hyper-local targeting for ANZ

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In the shift to personalisation at scale, Facebook Australia and New Zealand and its marketing partner Tiger Pistol have announced local community targeting for multi-location marketers.

“This will enable businesses such as franchise systems, dealers or agent networks, to use the power of Facebook and Instagram data for hyper-local campaigns,” says Melbourne-based Tiger Pistol co-founder/CCO Troy Townsend.

“The simple one campaign approach works across a range of industries. Early adopters include brands such as LJ Hooker, Foodworks, Asahi Premium Beverages and Audi,” he said. “Each will use the Tiger Pistol platform combined with Facebook targeting, to create individual local area marketing campaigns.

“Hyperlocal targeting, or marketing to customers within your area based upon their location, has the potential to help brands answer the immediate needs of their prospects.”

Tiger Pistol streamlines the creation, implementation and optimisation of localised Facebook ad campaigns, while maintaining brand control, and enables brands to deploy one campaigns across their entire network. Individual locations have the ability to select their objective, spend thresholds, and have real-time transparency on key campaign metrics.

“We have been focused on local advertising for nearly seven years, and taking a macro view of the immediate local network delivers exceptional results,” Townsend said. “Hyper-local targeting presents a monumental opportunity to drive efficiency in media spend, increase share of voice, target high value consumers and shift local businesses to a digital-first mindset.

“Having been a Facebook marketing partner since 2013, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on solutions for brands across a diverse range of verticals and to use the power of the platform in local networks. Understanding how to optimise your content for local users can provide brands with an excellent opportunity for success.”

“Hyper-local targeting presents a monumental opportunity to drive efficiency in media spend, increase share of voice, target high value consumers and shift local businesses to a digital-first mindset.”

Facebook Australia & New Zealand’s Sydney-based managing director Will Easton said: “We are focused on driving business outcomes for brands in an automated approach via mobile. This partnership opens up a centralised way of better aligning national brand and local agent marketing efforts across Facebook and Instagram.”

“This centralised buying platform allows individual business owners the opportunity to run their own local marketing campaigns, from nationally pre-approved creative assets using a simplified, user-friendly buying platform with preset local targeting built in.”

Aussie rollout
Easton says in the real estate industry, LJ Hooker has already started to rollout this solution to its 500 offices around Australia.

“This hyper local marketing platform will deliver network leads, supercharge our agents as the area specialists, and enhance the profile of the properties they are marketing,” says chair L Janusz Hooker.

“By automating our local marketing campaigns, it frees up the time of our agents and support staff to capitalise on the leads and concentrate on providing exceptional service to their clients, and hence will support market share growth. It’s a game-changer for LJ Hooker in our industry.”

The system is also already being used in the retail sector. Foodworks marketing manager Mick Guerin says it’s beneficial for their individual retailers.

“With a decentralised Facebook presence, maintaining brand control and empowering our retailers to run best practice ads posed a real challenge,” he said.

“Tiger Pistol has enabled us to provide retailers with a simple solution that empowers them to select their objective, monitor metrics and view real results that increase the sales in their individual store.”

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