MDS AdSchool show this Tuesday

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AUCKLAND, Today: The MDS AdSchool holds its end-of-year show in just four days – on Tuesday 19 November, at Fukuko, 42 Tyler St in the CBD.

AdSchool CD Kate Humphries says: “If the oft-quoted-cigar-chomping-Churchill’s definition of success as ‘stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’ is correct, then this year’s crop of blossoming creatives are ready to be picked.

“For not only have they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off many a time throughout the year, they’re also enthusiastically owning the failed careers that led them to our doors (and hopefully to yours) for this year’s show. 

“They’ve picked themselves up many a time this year, and they’re now enthusiastically owning their failed careers.”

“If you want to see what happens when an outdoor-mini-golf-dinosaur-sculptor and an overly-fond-of-fiction-vice-journalist get together to have ideas (or maybe even an actor-that-can-only-play himself and a failed-penis-tattooist), then skedaddle down to Fukuko in the Britomart.

“While you’re sampling the delights (or low lights) that our failure fusions have to offer, you can scoff on the edible fusions that are Fukuko’s Japanese tacos while imbibing a free drink or two. Would love to see you there.

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