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AUCKLAND, Today: Newton-based ad agency Motion Sickness has launched a new education campaign for Netsafe, called Your News Bulletin.

Designed to build awareness around misinformation and fake news, the campaign was commissioned by Netsafe after the completion of New Zealand’s first survey to better understand the awareness of misleading and false information.

The survey revealed that 52%$ of New Zealanders have fallen for fake news, mostly due to misleading articles or headlines

Netsafe’s survey has revealed 93% of Kiwis have heard of the term fake news, while 48%are concerned about mistakenly spreading it, and 14% mention seeing misleading stories related to Covid-19.

“We felt using humour and satire in relation to fake news would reduce some of the tension.”

Your News Bulletin employs satire in creating ‘news’ to hook people into the campaign. It includes a series of hilarious kiwi videos depicting the ‘Your News Bulletin’ newsroom, in which presenters ‘Jim’ and ‘Kara’ report increasingly ridiculous fake news stories across traditional and social/digital media channels. The campaign has taken a fully-integrated approach, with ads across television, radio, print, outdoor and digital.

The Your News Bulletin ‘presenters’ use tactics like clickbait, misleading headlines, satire and more, to try and lure people into visiting www.yournewsbulletin.co.nz. Once on the site, users are able to test their fake news knowledge, learn techniques to identify misinformation, and access resources to have conversations with family and friends.

The campaign website was built in partnership with digital agency ED.

Motion Sickness founder/CD Sam Stuchbury said: “People often feel a lot of anxiety in relation to misinformation and fake news. It’s a very intimidating, personal and charged topic often resulting in reasonably heated reactions.

“We felt using humour and satire in relation to fake news would help reduce some of the tension, making it easier for kiwis to interact with the campaign and therefore tackle the issue head on.”


Client: Netsafe
Agency: Motion Sickness
Film Co: Motion Sickness
Director: Sam Stuchbury
ECD: Sam Stuchbury
CD: Jordan Stent
Creative: Anna Hughes
Producer: Joseph McAlpine
Art Director: Anna Maxwell
Copywriter: Alex McManus
Copywriter: William Macdonald
Head of Media: Josh Hawke
Head of Digital: Alex McManus
Strategic Planner: Lucy Brock
Editor: Jolin Lee
Head of Strategy: Hilary Ngan Kee
Website: ED Australia www.ed.com.au

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