Fake news?

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In an orgy of pointless self-congratulation, Newstalk ZB has issued a media release announcing to the world that preachy morning host Leighton Smith would leave the network – in 12 months’ time!

Kerre McIvor will move into Smith’s spot, Andrew Dickens will take over the noon-4pm show until Simon Barnett steps into the afternoon role fulltime in 2019.

In other words, “news” that’s been an open secret for months. And what sort of fantasy nonsense is a 12-month notice period?

“After more than one attempt to surrender the microphone, the time is right,” Smith said in the release. “I’ve been at this one microphone for longer than I would ever have thought. It’s been a privilege and pleasure and my gratitude goes to a very loyal audience.

“But there is a still a year to go”.

Roll on Kerre, is all we can say!

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