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Wellington-based interactive production company Resn Design has created a new plaque for the FWA Hall of Fame Award – a UK-based global show that honours the best of the annual Favourite Website Awards.

Established in 2007, the FWA Hall of Fame showcases only the most outstanding proponents of interactive design, development, and future-thinking creativity. A select few agencies are inducted into the Hall every year, which currently has a roster of just 27 members.

While these agencies have always had bragging rights, there was no physical award to go with the membership. Until now.

Resn Wellington’s winning design was chosen from a field of entries that was open to all Hall of Fame members worldwide. With the Hall of Fame ranks dominated by companies from Europe and North America, Resn stands out as one of the only inductees based in the Asia-Pacific region.

The simple plaque takes its design cues from the 5¼-inch floppy disk of yesteryear. “We wanted to acknowledge that the advancements of the future are built upon the achievements of the past,” says Resn Wellington ECD Steve Le Marquand. “For our industry, the floppy disk seemed like the perfect visual representation of this idea.”

The plaques have now been distributed across the globe to all of the Hall of Fame members. “When Resn was first starting out, we looked up to a lot of the companies on this list,” Campbell said. “We still do. It’s a real honour to have an award we designed sitting up on their mantlepieces.”

  • Resn works out of two creative hubs – in Wellington and Amsterdam. They have a policy of not publicising a credits list. Check them out here: www.resn.co.nz 

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