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AUCKLAND, Today: No-one knows the comings and goings of a street like your local NZ Post courier. So FCB has created Three Timing Trixie, a brand spot that tells the tale of a philandering feline getting around multiple homes to maximise her mealtimes.

FCB ECD Leisa Wall said: “Whilst making his daily deliveries, our courier discovers Trixie/Maggie/Lulu and her three-timing ways, culminating in a warm, fluffy, purring ending. 

“This continues NZ Post’s mission to consistently connect at a brand level, and drive salience for NZ Post, building on the great results delivered by the earlier Keeping Ho Ho Hush Hush campaign last Christmas.

“This is a client who truly understands the power of strong emotional brand storytelling.”

“NZ Post’s people (particularly our posties and couriers) have always played an important role in their communities, now more than ever, this campaign aims to demonstrate that in a charming yet lighthearted way.

NZ Post brand manager Sarah Sandoval said: ‘NZ Post play an essential role in keeping our communities connected, particularly as essential workers through Covid-19.

“We’re often their only connection when in lockdown and beyond – our people take this role incredibly seriously and genuinely care about delivering for the communities they work in.”

Leisa Wall: “NZ Post are a client who truly understand the power of strong emotional brand storytelling and it’s been wonderful to build on the work we started last Christmas”.

The spot first aired on Wednesday 26 August and will run until mid-October. This will be followed by the return of Keeping Ho Ho Hush Hush.


Client: NZ Post
Agency: FCB NZ
Prod Co: Sweetshop
Director: Noah Marshall

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