Get lost in the magic of a good book

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FCB has launched a new print campaign for Paper Plus – aimed, unsurprisingly, at those who  spend too much time on their digital devices.

“As we become more connected than ever, we’re finding it harder and harder to get away from our devices,” says FCB ECD Tony Clewett.

“But we’re also forgetting why it’s so important that we do. Why we need to disconnect. The simple truth is: the only way we can really switch off, is by switching off. And getting lost in the magic of a good book.”

FCB’s Paper Plus Switch Off was named Best Print Ad in last week’s BestadsonTV.


Client: Paper Plus
Agency: FCB New Zealand
ECD: Tony Clewett
Creative: Mark Cameron
Creative: Kate Macdonald
Head of Art: Nick Smith
Photographer: Michael BraidPhotographer
Retoucher: Scott Kelly

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