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AUCKLAND, Today: FCB helped Fire & Emergency NZ to launch Escape Week, which ran last week (Sunday to Saturday) aiming to convince Kiwis to proactively plan an escape from their home if a fire were to break out.

House fires are more common than people think with one occurring about every three hours somewhere in New Zealand. It’s therefore vital people know what to do and practice how to get out alive.

Using a tool found at families and flatmates only need to take three minutes to make a potentially lifesaving escape plan. 

National fire risk management advisor Peter Gallagher said: “Using our ‘escape my house tool’ will make Kiwis think about important things they may not have considered – like a second exit in case your normal exit is blocked, making sure you know where your keys are if doors are deadlocked and having a safe meeting place for everyone in your household.”

“It’s very powerful when you just have audio and ask the audience to paint their own image in their heads.”

To support the campaign, FCB has created a three minute tvc covering an entire ad break (in partnership with TVNZ). The unique ad, which focuses on the audio rather than the visual experience, is timed to show you how quickly a fire can spread, but also give you back three minutes to make your escape plan using the tool.

In addition to the three-minute ad takeovers, the promotion of Escape Week includes:

  • A segment within Seven Sharp, which saw Hillary Barry completing the escape plan with a family.
  • Personalised tvcs via TVNZ OnDemand featuring people’s names and pushing them to complete their escape plan
  • “Ad on Pause” – a static ad pop up when viewers push pause while watching OnDemand
  • Digital – including TV sync banners and dynamic banners with latest numbers of fires fed into the creative and geotargeted
  • Social – including Facebook ‘Escape Week’ Event

An influencer programme will also be running in support.

Creative directors Leisa Wall & Peter Vegas said, “To see the effect this project had on people was really rewarding.

“You couldn’t help but think about the risk to your own family working on this. We really wanted to make something that was impactful and also rewarded the trust that Fire & Emergency showed in us when we suggested going with a three minute piece of content on TV.

“It’s very powerful when you just have audio and ask the audience to paint their own image in their heads.”

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