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AUCKLAND, Today: FCB’s latest collaboration with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and MBM aims to reframe the consequences of drinking and driving to be more realistic, but no less emotionally impactful.

Strategically based on the central truth that if physically crashing or getting caught isn’t enough of a disincentive to drinking and driving, then there is a need to convey a more personal and socially discouraging message.

Waka Kotahi marketing manager Lauren Cooke said: “Many people believe (and when asked, state) that they would never drive ‘drunk’, but yet, still drive in an impaired state after drinking over the legal limit. 

“We need to shift the attitudes and behaviours of our ‘drink drivers’ so that they see themselves in the same way as they see ‘drunk drivers’.

“This new campaign platform ‘There’s more to lose than your licence’ asks New Zealanders to consider a range of different consequences and the impact these might have on their social group, their loved ones and their whānau.”

“We need to shift the attitudes of our ‘drink drivers’ so that they see themselves as ‘drunk drivers’.”

“While the message to not drink and drive is widely acknowledged and accepted, drivers are still willing to take the chance and we continue to see alcohol impairment as a significant problem in our crash statistics.

“This is despite lower alcohol limits, tougher penalties and long-lasting marketing campaigns.

“Building on the traditional approach used in our most recent drink driving campaigns, this campaign seeks to shift the perceptions and behaviours of New Zealanders who still think it is acceptable to drink and then drive.”

FCB CCOs Peter Vegas & Leisa Wall said: “Attacking the drink driving behaviour in our country is never easy but trying to come at it from a new angle without showing a car crash will make people feel differently and, hopefully, a little uncomfortable.”

“This latest work is part of the Government’s  Road to Zero strategy, delivered by Waka Kotahi and guided by the Safe System approach, recognises that whilst mistakes are inevitable, deaths and serious injuries from crashes are not, and seeks to create a safe and forgiving transport system that makes the safety of people a priority.


Client: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Agency: FCB Aotearoa
Media Agency: MBM

Production Company: Exit Films
Director: Gayson Thavat
Executive Producer: Declan Cahill
Associate Producer: James Watson
Casting: Bullock/Mullane Casting 2023
DOP: Maria Ines Manchego
Offline editor: Cushla Dillon
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
Online: Richard Betts
Sound design & Original Soundtrack: Karl Sölve Steven
Photographer: Michael Braid

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