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AUCKLAND, Today: This week sees the launch of Fire & Emergency New Zealand’s Escape Week, in partnership with FCB. From the 8th to the 15th of February, Escape Week encourages New Zealanders to understand the very real risk of house fires and to create a plan for every member of the household to escape safely. 

Fire risk management national advisor Peter Gallagher said: “The campaign focuses on why New Zealanders need an escape plan and how to create an escape plan.

“Communications highlighting the fact that a house fire becomes unsurvivable in fewer than three minutes.

“Using our Escape My House tool will make you think about important things that you may not have considered. “Things like a second exit in case your normal exit is blocked, making sure you know where your keys are if doors are deadlocked and having a safe meeting place for everyone in your household.”

“We wanted to build on the work we created last year, and thanks to the opportunities our media people created, we’ve been able to do that. We’re thrilled with the result.”

To support the campaign, FCB created a three-minute TVC. FCB also delivered a “first of its kind” ad-break takeover. Smoke and flames fill what looks like a normal break of 30” spots from TVNZ and other FCB clients until smoke totally eclipses the screen – demonstrating the speed of fire and the importance of an escape plan.

In addition to the three-minute ad takeovers, the promotion of Escape Week includes:

  • A partnership with NZME, sharing the story of a real family losing a loved one to a housefire, plus a Faces of Fire article featuring New Zealanders who have lost loved ones in a housefire and those who have escaped – to encourage Kiwis to make an escape plan themselves.
  • A partnership with TVNZ featuring book ends during Breakfast with Matty McLean addressing the importance of escape plans, throughout Escape Week.
  • A full-page press ad – telling the story of a house fire breaking out in the middle of the night. The average person can read 720 words in three minutes; the amount of time a house fire can kill you.
  • Press executions
  • Digital and social elements
  • 30” radio and Spotify partnership, exploring the speed of fire.

FCB ECDs Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall said “We wanted to build on the work we created last year and thanks to the great opportunities our media people created for us we’ve been able to do that. We’re thrilled with the results.”


Client: Fire & Emergency NZ
Agency: FCB NZ
ECDs: Leisa Wall & Peter Vegas
Senior Copywriter: David Shirley
Senior Art Director: Melina Fiolitakis
Graphic Designer: Josh O’Neill
Retoucher: Scott Kelly
Account Manager: Charlotta Cutfield
Media GBD: Philippa McKenzie
Senior Media Account Manager: Katie Heslop
Senior Digital Account Manager: Keegan Flood

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