FCB powers up Mercury rebrand (Updated)

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Mercury Energy has used FCB New Zealand and e-bikes to help launch the company’s re-branding. The campaign kicked off late last month, with the e-bike commercials showing a new look for an energy retailer.

FCB’s Executive Creative Director Tony Clewett says the e-bikes are a demonstration of Mercury Energy’s new purpose.

“It’s been a fantastic process working closely with the Mercury team to launch the new brand, all expressed through a real product. The old adage of ‘show, don’t tell’ is probably more relevant today than ever,” says Clewett.

Mercury’s chief marketing officer, Julia Jack: “We want to inspire and excite Kiwis about what energy can do. Two years ago we started with the incredible story around electric vehicles powered by New Zealand home-grown, clean renewable electricity at the equivalent of 30 cents a litre.

“E-bikes are the next chapter in this wonderful renewable energy story.

“E-bikes are a growing phenomenon around the world, as a smart and fun transport option – not only to beat transport congestion. E-bikes are affordable and have some real plusses in opening up cycling to a lot more people and physical fitness levels. E-bike owners tend to ride their bikes about twice as often as normal bikes. They’re really fun to ride – I love mine.

“We’ve just done some research that shows that even today nearly 1 in 2 Kiwis would consider buying an e-bike – we’ve seen the rapid uptake in Asia, the US and Europe. I think they will become a very Kiwi thing – particularly with our renewable energy. It’s amazing to think you can get 100km for about 10 cents.”

E-bikes are just one element of Mercury Energy’s new brand and will act as a catalyst for New Zealanders to start thinking about energy differently and creating a better future for New Zealand.


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