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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: FCB NZ’s Peter Vegas & Leisa Wall have been promoted to joint executive creative directors of the agency, following an impressive record of client success, and their promotion in February 2019 to creative directors.

This move will now see them provide creative leadership across the whole of FCB NZ’s client portfolio.

CEO Paul Shale said, “I am thrilled that Leisa and Peter agreed to be our co-creative leads. They are a formidable powerhouse who now have a mandate to make an immense difference to FCB NZ.

“They’re without ego, hungry for great work, and dedicated to taking our clients and people to the next level.”

Both have worked on many standout campaigns during their time at FCB, including Cannes Lion-winning Driving Dog campaign for SPCA NZ, and Testicular Cancer Foundation Go Balls Out, and most recently the hugely popular Mercury The Great Escape featuring Evie, the electric classic car.

Wall said, “Peter and I very conscious of the extra responsibility that comes with adding an E to the front of our titles.

“But we’re excited about the challenges that this post-Covid environment is creating for the industry.

“We’re looking forward to continuing the great work and culture that Tony Clewett helped create in the agency, just with slightly better hairstyles.”

Shale said, “Pete and Leisa are individually talented but also a true team, two sides of one coin.

“They’ve already made an enormous difference to the culture of the agency and how we work together to deliver the omnichannel creativity that will drive outstanding results for our clients.”

“Pete and Leisa are individually talented but also a true team; two sides of one coin.”

Leisa Wall bio
Wall’s life got off to a rocky start, when an ‘e’ accidentally fell into her name at birth. But she’s never let it hold her back. In 2001 her advertising career began in earnest – correction, it began in Cannes. She was there to take on the world and when she was done kicking ‘les cul’ and taking ‘les noms’, she returned to New Zealand and her first fulltime creative role.

Over the 18 years since then, she has turned her hand to everything from brand campaigns for American Express in New York, to Family Violence in New Zealand. From training pukekos to paint, to training men to check their balls.

An avid collector, Wall has business cards from Ogilvy, Lowe Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi and FCB, where she has led the way for the last 10 years. She’s also amassed an impressive array of paperweights from Axis, Cannes, D&AD, AWARD, One Show, Spikes and was once voted “Most likely to be really really good at advertising”.

At work, she now proudly bears the title of Executive Creative Director. But at home, that doesn’t carry much weight with her two young employees, Maemi & Lola. Instead they refer to as CMO, or Chief Mummy Officer.

Peter Vegas bio
Peter Vegas has been practicing the dark arts of advertising for over 25 years. In that time he has helped teach dogs to drive cars and an octopus to use a camera.

His work, with and without animals, has been awarded at some of the world’s top advertising shows including  Cannes, One Show, AWARD and D&AD.

When not engaged in the ongoing battle to capture the attention of consumers, he writes and illustrates books and spends time wondering why bios are always written in the 3rd person.

About FCB
With more than 140 years of communications expertise, FCB’s worldwide network spans 150 offices in 90 countries, with over 8000 people, and is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG).

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