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AUCKLAND, Today: FCB handled the PR for a new partnership between Chorus and the Doc Edge Film Festival that will see the critically acclaimed fest emerge from the lockdown with an online screening.

Kiwis across the country will be able to access the Academy Award-nominated festival’s complete programme of 57 feature films and 26 short films, from Friday 12 June to Sunday 5 July.

“This is a great result for festival organisers who feared that the physical and economic implications of Covid-19 would signal the end of the 2020 event,” said Chorus chief customer officer Ed Hyde

To further encourage participation and enable accessibility during what is a challenging time for many households, Chorus is also helping to make over 8000 tickets half price as well as making it possible for all 26 short films to be free.

NZ followers will also have unrestricted access to Q&A sessions with filmmakers, the Doc Edge Awards – an exhibition with interactive digital projects and free screenings for schools.

Hyde says it’s great to be able to lend the organisation’s support to the festival.

“NZ will be able to hold more events like this in future because of the investment made in ultra-fast broadband.”

“New Zealanders love the internet and with our fibre broadband network enabling Kiwis to develop new ideas and opportunities, Chorus has a vital role to play in New Zealand’s economic development.

“Filmmakers are a valuable part of NZ Inc and the festival is a way to show our support, considering how much of the filmmaking process is now carried out digitally and is reliant on great connectivity for the high levels of data involved.”

Traditionally held annually in Auckland and Wellington and attracting audiences of up to 21,000, festival organisers feared the pandemic signalled the end of this year’s event.

“We are delighted to partner with Chorus to deliver the NZ’s first online film festival to audiences nationwide,” said festival director Dan Shanan.

“In time of social isolation, we must bring the community together and what better way to do this than with film.”

“Where other festivals have been forced to cancel, Doc Edge has forged ahead to translate the physical festival experience into an online showcase, in a progressive pivot.

“The innovation shown by the Doc Edge team to continue by showing films online and replicate the full festival experience digitally resonated with Chorus.

“It points to new possibilities for entertainment and shows how lucky New Zealand is to be able to hold more and more events like this in future because of the investment made in ultra-fast broadband.”


Chorus’s Agency: FCB
Doc Edge’s Agency: Elephant Publicity

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